ECM27 | The 27th Meeting of the European Crystallographic Association
Friday, 31 May 2019
Perutz Prize


The Max Perutz Prize of the European Crystallographic Association


Prof. Hartmut FuessThe European Crystallographic Association has awarded the sixth Max Perutz Prize to

Prof. Hartmut Fuess

The sixth Max Perutz Prize of the European Crystallographic Association goes to Professor Hartmut Fuess from the Department of Materials Science at the University of Technology in Darmstadt (Germany).

Hartmut Fuess is recognized for his outstanding contributions to structure research of functional materials such as zeolites, fuel cells, and magnetic materials, the construction of scientific instruments at large-scale synchrotron and neutron facilities and the skilled and enthusiastic service to crystallography in Europe and the broader international community.


Awardees and call for nominations

The Max Perutz Prize is awarded in recognition of meritorious achievements in any branch of crystallography by a crystallographer having a clear affiliation with the ECA region and being an individual member of the ECA. It can be for leadership or scientific contributions or both.

The ECA awards the Max Perutz Prize twice in a three-year cycle (year of the General Assembly of the IUCr excluded) at the ECMs, official general meetings of the ECA.

The president of the ECA appoints the chairperson of the Max Perutz Prize Committee, usually for a three-year period.

The Max Perutz Prize Committee is an independently convened group that works in confidence to discuss candidacies for the Perutz Prize, and is chaired by a member of the ECA Executive Committee. The president of the ECA monitors due process through general reports from the chairperson of the selection committee, but is in no way involved in the details of the deliberations or conclusions on the individual candidacies of the selection committee.i

The chairperson of the Max Perutz Prize Committee issues a call for nominations approximately ten months before the prize is awarded.

A candidate for the Max Perutz Prize of the ECA is nominated taking in account the contribution which the candidate has made to the field of crystallography.

The nominee must have a clear affiliation with the ECA, directly associated with crystallography and a listed member of the World Directory of Crystallography.

The nominee shall not hold a current position on the ECA Executive Committee or member of the current Max Perutz Prize Committee.

Nominators may be an (i) ECA individual Member or (ii) any person from a national member of ECA or (iii) any CAM. The nominator must ensure a signed acceptance of the nomination by the nominee.

The nominator must indicate briefly why the candidate is nominated and may include matters such as publication record and motivate impact. However, uniqueness (i.e. pioneering contributions) and the usefulness of the nominee's work should always be of prime importance to the selection committee.

Nominations close approximately five months before the award is made.

The chairperson of the Max Perutz Prize committee appoints six additional members to the committee representing the five focus areas of the ECA, taking into account recommendations by the SIG chairs. The committee considers the candidates, select the winning candidate by a clear majority, and forward the name of the successful Max Perutz Prize candidate to the president of the ECA, who makes the announcement.

The Max Perutz Prize Committee shall, when two winning candidates equal in stature are identified, give preference to the candidate from a different focus area than that of the previous Max Perutz Prize Laureate.iii

Where an Awardee's research is in collaboration, the credits to the team or to particularly relevant partnerships are naturally expected to be acknowledged by the Awardee, and thereby to be specifically requested in the formal announcement drafting step.i

The candidate receives the award at the official opening of the following ECM and presents a lecture at this occasion.

i Minutes of the ECA Council, Istanbul; 17, 18 & 19 August 2009.
ii Minutes of the ECA Council, Osaka; 25 & 27 August 2008.
iii Minutes of the ECA Council, Marrakech; 23, 25 & 26 August 2007